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With over 18 years’ experience in the waste and consultancy sectors, Reva values the benefits of working closely with its clients and being an extension to your team.


Under the current regulatory regime, operators of certain activities are required to obtain a permit in order to operate. An Environmental Permit (EP) requires operators to demonstrate that they can operate in accordance with environmental legislation, by way of site characterisation, modelling, monitoring, and risk assessment. Reva can support you with the completion of an EP application for a new facility, as well as variation applications to amend existing ones and surrender/closure applications to reflect shutdown or closure of part or all of a permitted facility. Engagement with the relevant regulatory body will be an important part of the process, and Reva has more than 18 years’ experience in liaising with these bodies.


If you need to write or implement a management system, or you already have one but it needs review and updating, Reva can help you with this, whether it is an Environmental Management System (EMS), Quality Management System (QMS) or Health & Safety (H&S) Management System, or an integrated management system (IMS) which consolidates all three into one. Management systems are live and they require continuous review, update, and implementation; they also (whether formerly certified or not) require the completion of a number of regular tasks, usually on an annual basis. Reva can support with this, remotely or by way of on-site support.


Auditing is a key method used to assess your compliance with required legislation, guidance, industry/sector best practice, and your own operating procedures. For those with certified management systems, audits are a mandatory requirement. Reva can offer auditing services, and has over 2000 hours of auditing experience. We can help you to develop auditing tools, carry out the audits on your behalf, or we can provide training to your own team so that they can complete the auditing in-house.


Permit holders are required to provide the regulatory authority with regular reports, confirming performance over the previous reporting period. These must meet regulatory requirements for content and format. Reva can identify reporting requirements for you, so that deadlines are not missed. We can also generate the reports for you, identifying what data / information is required to do so and assisting you in capturing that in the correct format.


Operators of facilities that have an interaction with the environment are required to demonstrate, through risk assessment, that they understand their hazards, the pathways to the environment, and the potential impact on the environment. They are then required to establish appropriate control measures to reduce the likelihood of harm occurring and, if it does, the consequences to the environment. This is always required as part of Environmental Permitting. Reva can provide support to you and will work closely with you to identify site-specific hazards and impacts, and to establish a workable set of control measures. Reva has significant experience in this field and recognises the need to meet best practice standards whilst ensuring that clients are given advice that is practicable and appropriate to their activities.